Concept Note 

First International Conference on “The Role of University in Green and Sustainable Development”

November 3, 2016

National University of Laos


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In December 2014, the First National Research and Development Forum on “The Path Way for the Sustainable Development in Lao PDR” was successfully organized.  In 2015, the Second Annual Research Forum on “Getting Ready for AEC: Issues, implications and ways forward” was conducted with admirable outcome.  This year, 2016, on the occasion of 20th Anniversary of the National University of Laos, an International Research Forum will be conducted on November 3, 2016, entitled “The Role of University in Green and Sustainable Development”.

In the era of knowledge economy as well as regional integration of ASEAN, education has a key role for a sustainable future, developing relevant skills among the leaders and citizens of tomorrow.  As such raising awareness about sustainability for universities is a highly relevant issue today. Tomorrow universities need to enhance greater interaction between the public and private sectors, by creating and developing knowledge through research and having a multidisciplinary approach with sustainability mindset to all of their activities. Knowledge creation and transfer for higher education requires sustainability in terms of social, economic, and environmental concern of sustainable development, directing advancement towards green and sustainable knowledge society.



The primary objectives for the conference are to address the issues on:

·      What is the current status of universities’ contribution to green and sustainable development?

·      How can higher education institution contribute to green and sustainable development?

·      What teaching approaches and professional skills are needed to enable university educators produce highly capable future citizen?

·      What are the connection of public, private, and university collaboration in generating enabling environment for future sustainable development?

·      How should universities be supported to develop professional competencies?


Subthemes of the conference

·      Economics and Business Management

·      Social Sciences

·      Educations

·      Language and cultures

·      Architecture and urban planning

·      Law and public administration

·      Science, technology and innovation in natural sciences, agriculture, and engineering.

·      Natural resources and environment (forestry, water resources, and environmental protection)


Target Participants

·  International participants

·      High level of technical staffs from various ministries

·      Ministry of Education and Sports

·      Ministry of Science and Technology

·      Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

·      Ministry of Industry and Commerce

·      Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

·      Ministry of Public Works and Transport

·      Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

·      Ministry of Health

·      Ministry of Planning and Investment

·      Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism

·      Office of Government

·      Leaders from 3 provincial public universities

·      Researchers from the provincial public universities

·      Leaders of two public universities and research institutes in Vientiane Capital

·      NUOL

·      NAFRI

·      NERI

·      Institute of Traditional Medicine

·      Institute of Public Health

·      National Political and Administration Academy

·      Party’s Strategic Research Institute

·      The Research Institute of Social Sciences

·      Education Science Research Institute

·      Special speakers, moderators and conference steering committees

·      Presenters from Vientiane Capital City

·      General participants or from different organizations



Time Activities

·    Announcement of the conference and accepting abstract submissions

·    Issues invitations for keynote speakers and guests


·    Receive abstracts and content committee screen the abstract

·    send out invitations

2 – 10/10

·    Reply to the selected abstract and prepare abstract books

·    Finalize the presenters and invitation acceptance


·    Print abstract books and schedule

·    Prepare the utilities for the conference

2/11 ·    International and provincial participants arrivals
3/11 ·    Conduct the conference

·    Conference reports

·    Prepare proceedings and publish


Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of conference are:

  • accumulation of research findings and creation of research database in the area of sustainable development in higher education,
  • promotion of research networks between higher education institutions, research institutions and researchers.
  • awareness raising on green and sustainable development of higher education, with multiple stakeholders, bridging between public, private, and higher education sectors.
  • facilitation of knowledge creation and transfer.